Down by The River

Down by The River

My work is currently centred on the interplay of time and weather on the environment – the role the elements play in changing the structures and decoration of North Queensland locations and dwellings.

click on link to view images: down-by-the-river-photo-essay-ann-williams-fitzgerald

There has been a desire for the comforts of the new – a letting go or tearing down of the dwellings that were passed on from generation to generation. This has led to a slow merging of buildings and items back into the landscape.

The importance for me as a photographer is not just to record the growing desolation of isolated items, buildings and locations but to react to what I see – exploring the interplay of light, texture, and colour as an item slowly falls apart. Previous owners provided the raw materials of structure, form, and function at the old boat jetties along the Pioneer River.

My role has been to see and capture the abstract images created by the impact of the elements on those materials – images that were changing even as I recorded them.

These images illustrate that process. For me, they stand alone – inheriting their form and beauty, but relinquishing their physical ties.

My inspiration comes from the works of street and urban photographers Eric Kim[i] , William Eggleston[ii], Christian Richter[iii] and Kenneth Provost[iv].

[i] Eric Kim

[ii] William Eggleston

[iii] Christian Richter

[iv] Kenneth Provost

This work was part of my UTAS Photo Essay Assignment task#3.

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